Spring holidays are fast approaching and are you feeling anxious thinking on how to keep your toddlers occupied? We have some great picks to sort this out for you. Weather has been extremely pleasant outside and why not we use it to the fullest till it lasts! 

As they right say, the great thing about play is that it allows children to use their imaginations to create all those worlds where they can be anything they want to be. Why don’t we help them create one? 

While you were drafting that new year resolution list of yours, there are two things that pretty sure were on that list. One to spend some quality time together with your kids and the other to focus on exercise and your physical health. What would you feel if I say, we can do both of it together? Sounds interesting, right? Here you go! Take your toddler for his much-awaited buggy stroll in your neighborhood park. Walking with a buggy can even be a great workout for you and getting some fresh air will help you feel so much energized. Imagine an evening out in your community park, your toddler happily enjoying his ride in his buggy, waving and engaging with other kids playing around, while you push and narrate a cute little story which he loves to listen. Sounds like a perfect date, right? 

Physical activity is a great way to keep your toddlers occupied for hours and helps them sleep better at night. From when they were babies learning to crawl to becoming toddlers trying to climb everywhere they possibly can, there is always an instinct in them that tells them to pull themselves up, climb and explore new surroundings. Why not, we create that space for them, could be even in your own backyard, where they can invite some friends over for a play date. As they engage in climbing and sliding, they are not only having fun but also using their bodies in healthy ways giving opportunities to develop a variety of skills. It’s a great way to use your creativity and turn your backyard into an amazing play space. Some of the vital benefits of slides include promoting balance and coordination, presenting healthy physical challenges and encouraging positive social skill development.

Being outdoors on a regular basis will allow a child to explore several different scientific aspects of their world, without them even knowing it. Having a playhouse for your children in your backyard comes with great benefits. Playhouse inspire children to imagine a world, a world of their own. They try to mimic the activities that they see other adults performing in their homes. This in turn helps in the cognitive development of the child.  Just with a small space in the backyard, not only the kids get to create a space for their retreats, but also where they let their imaginations set free and creativity fly high. Furthermore, for the parents, it’s a great way to get the munchkins out of house and keep them away from the television that they are glued to all day. 

We would love to hear from you on how these ideas helped you keep your little ones occupied for the season. Share with us your stories in the comments and some crazy mimics that they pulled off which you never expected them to have noticed.