Send the Ball Buddies on a rollin’ ride with the Ball Buddies Truckin’ & Rollin’ Play Table™.


Ball Buddies Tunnel Tower™

Watch imagination come alive as your little one loads up the Ball Buddies trucks and sends them down the ramp or shoots them through the tunnel! Take turns launching play balls into the funnel from the flippers below, practicing fine motor skills and coordination. From the cause and effect learning of the tunnel tower to the Ball Buddies trucks and ramps, ball play just got more exciting!

  • Ball Buddies trucks are designed for little hands to maneuver them through the tunnel and down the ramp!
  • Hinged release lever on the funnel lets a play ball drop, teaching cause and effect play.
  • Use the flippers to launch the balls up the tower to challenge motor skills, for child and parent alike!
  • In the box: Tunnel tower, 2 Ball Buddies trucks, 2 flippers, 10 colorful play balls.

DIMENSIONS: 15.00 H 29.50 W 12.50 D
WEIGHT: 6 lbs


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